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Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Ti World Voice Day 16 April annually

World Voice Day
World Voice Day

World Voice Day – Have you ever lost your voice?  If you have you’ll know how frustrating it is to function in our every day lives when we can’t make a sound!  The aim of this awareness day is to promote the importance of us all having a healthy voice!

We use our voices to communicate with each other – socially and in work or school.   We also use it to laugh, cry, sing and even scream which can be very helpful in a dangerous situation!

From concerts by Andrea Bocelli to One Direction, voices have the power to echo around enormous venues – and the vocal folds are only about the size of a stamp.  Amazing, isn’t it?

President Obama’s speeches make him stand out and without them it would be much more difficult to win round any supporters!  It is so important, and damage to the voice has been known to ruin careers.

Laryngitis is the main threat to the vocal nodules but other conditions like reinke’s edema can also cause pose a serious risk.

So what can you do to take part?

You can either take inspiration from the events that have been held over the past few years or think about ways to get local GP’s, radio stations and the public involved.

For more ideas and information about the day and voice care visit the World Voice Day website.

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