Taking your x-ray is the way
to make it all okay!
World Radiography Day
8 November 2015

World Radiography Day

It's World Radiography Day - 24 hours in the year that is dedicated to celebrating the work done by all radiographers around the world.

So what is radiography, exactly?  Well there are two kinds: a type of radiography that diagnoses a disease or condition and the type that is theraputic. 

A diagnostic radiographer has to work with special imaging equipment that allows them to see what's going on.  There are several types, most of which you'll have heard of!

The x-ray looks through your bones, cavities and any foreign objects that might have found their way into your system.  A fluoroscopy takes a real-time picture of the digestive system; an MRI scan builds a 2D or 3D map of the tissue in your body; and an angiography looks into the blood vessels in your body.  They've got it all covered!

The ultrasound is probably one of the most commonly known methods of radiography.  Because it's how radiographers can check how a developing baby is getting on - and is used to check for soon-to-be parents that their little one's heartbeat and everything else is working as it should be.

So what about the theraputic radiographer?  Or as they more known as - radiotherapy radiographers.  Try saying that ten times!

Radiotherapy is used to treat patients with cancer.   Over a period of time x-ray and iodine radiation doses are delivered to the patient - and has been successful on several occasions in saving lives.

For both the radiographers need to know what they're doing!  And that means having a sound knowledge of technology, the anatomy of the human body - and physiology - and pathology!  Phew!

What's happening on the 8th of November then?  Well all the details of the events are yet to be released for 2015.  In the meantime, keep an eye on the official World Radiography Day website so you'll be the first to know what's going on!

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