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World Psoriasis Day

World Psoriasis Day
World Psoriasis Day

It's time to shed
light on psoriasis
World Psoriasis Day
29 October

World Psoriasis Day is observed annually on 29 October.

It is thought around 3% of the world’s population suffer from this condition, yet people all around the world still suffer from it and there is no cure.

It is a life-long disorder which often leaves red marks on the skin and can become cracked and bleed.

On World Psoriasis Day, the aim is to make everyone more aware of the condition, that it is not contagious, and to spread information to people who may have been suffering in silence.

There will also be a number of events held across the globe to mark the day and raise money for World Psoriasis Day.  In the past, events have included roller-skating exhibitions in Paris, concerts in Spain and street walks in Kenya!

If you want to organise an event of your own, or simply make a donation, you can find out everything you need to know at the World Psoriasis Day official website and help raise awareness and dispel myths about this common and unpleasant condition.