International Awareness Days May

Celebrate your right to a free press this World Press Freedom Day! 3 May annually

On 3 May it will be World Press Freedom Day.   This is a time to recognise the importance of free media around the globe.

Held on the same date each year, the day celebrates the press and the role they play worldwide.  The day also acts as a time to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives in the pursuit of journalism.

May 3rd was first declared World Press Freedom Day in 1991 by the United Nations.  It acts as a poignant reminder to people who take the freedom of the press for granted, while in countries around the world publications remain censored and journalists live in fear when reporting the truth.

Each year there is also a special theme for the day.  In 2017 the day will focus on the theme of ‘Critical Minds for Critical Times: Medias role in advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies’.  With the focus on the need for free and quality journalism.

The day is now in its 27th year, and it is more important than ever to recognise the work of the media and that’s what the day is all about.   So visit the World Press Freedom Day website and find out just what you can do to get involved!