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Making sure YOU matter it’s all about the data! World Population Day 11 July annually

World Population Day
World Population Day

World Population Day – Do you know what one of the biggest achievements of all the time has been?   Decreasing mortality rates all over the world.

Just a couple of centuries ago people would have thought themselves lucky to live into their late forties!   Now we’re expected to live as old as 100 years old!

So what is the world population?  Just over a whopping 7 billion people.  Which means that every single person has to count to their government.

All the world population figures differ from country to country – which means every country’s needs differ too.

Men and especially women and children deserve their rights to be recognised.

But while these issues are addressed in some places, poverty and inequality is still rife in other countries like Africa.   And the place to start?

Having data that is reliable makes a huge difference – it’s how countries plan housing, transporation and make many more important decisions with their citizens in mind.

Highlighting trends helps officials to see how their country is developing and allows them to gage the best course of action to take next.

If you want to get involved on 11 July there are lots of things you can do – big or small – to help out.

Print off posters and hand them out around your local community.  Draw your friends and family’s attention to the day and post information on Facebook and Twitter.

Why not organise an event where you can talk about trends affecting the country?   Invite your local politician and provide refreshments for afterwards!

Another great idea would be to talk to a journalist about writing an article on data and how it affects policy making.

It affects us all so we should all be involved!   The current world population is huge and keeps continuing to grow.   So let’s join the United Nations in their fight for a better world for its inhabitants!   You can visit the World Population Day website for more info. 

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