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World Osteoporosis Day

World Osteoporosis Day
World Osteoporosis Day

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World Osteoporosis Day
20 October

World Osteoporosis Day is observed every 20 October.  The day is organised by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) to raise awareness of this condition which causes bones to become thin and frail.

The not for profit foundation was established in 1998 to provide a global alliance for those concerned about bone health and to help those who suffer from osteoporosis.

So what is osteoporosis?   The literal meaning of the word is “porous bone”, the disease causes a reduction in the density and quality of the bones, which increases the risk of fractures.   Quite often a person does not realise that they have the disease until they suffer their first fracture.

The most common places for the fractures are the hip, spine and wrist.  And the risk of fracture increases in both men and women with age.  However, osteoporosis is a treatable condition – and with lifestyle changes and medical treatment many fracture can now be avoided.

The IOF aims to improve public awareness and understanding of the condition, as well as informing individuals and health care professionals on the best treatments.  They also fund clinical research to constantly try and beat osteoporosis.  All donations will be used to help the IOF to promote awareness, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis for sufferers all across the world.  Why don’t you visit the website and help make a difference today – all the money raised goes towards the excellent help the IOF offer to sufferers.

If you or someone you know suffers from osteoporosis, or if you just want to get involved with this great cause then visit the World Osteoporosis Day website.  You can add your name to the mailing list and receive monthly updates.  There are resources about the day that you can download and share.  Or, why not show your commitment and sign the Global Patient Charter to help raise awareness of this ‘silent disease’.

So, in the words of the campaign organisers ‘Love your bones.  Protect your future.  Don’t let osteoporosis break you’.  Spread the word on social media this 20 October #worldosteoporosisday and #loveyourbones.