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Get ready for some geophysical joy this World Meteorological Day! 23 March annually

World Meteorological Day
World Meteorological Day
Photo courtesy of Satori13

World Meteorological Day is observed annually on 23 March.

Each year the day has a different theme.  In 2015 the theme was “Climate Knowledge for Climate Action”.  The theme for 2016 hasn’t been confirmed yet so keep checking the official website for news.

Organised by the World Meteorological Organisation, a part of the United Nations, and the day has been celebrated for over 60 years!

Clueless about what meteorological means?  Me too!  But it turns out it is all about the study of weather and short term forecasting.  And weather is something that effects us all!

The day commemorates the World Meteorological Organisation’s convention, and in previous years events have included presentations on the weather and climate, preventing natural disasters and sustainable development – all very important issues.

And you can get involved with these important discussions too.

The official website has everything you need to know about weather, climate and water and has loads of useful resources to get you involved and inspired to make a difference.

Why not do something different this year and celebrate World Meteorological Day!

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