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Have a cuppa on World Lymphoma Day 15 September annually

World Lymphoma Day – If something goes wrong or someone needs to talk what do the Brits do best?   Boil the kettle and make a cup of tea.

World Lymphoma Day

World Lymphoma Day

I think tea has that lovely soothing effect and is the perfect refreshment to get rid of my woes.  So why not turn a tea break into a fundraising attempt on 15 September to help raise money for the Lymphoma Association on World Lymphoma Day by holding a Great British Tea Break.

During Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week in September, people in the world’s greatest tea loving nation will be having Tea Breaks to raise funds and generate donations for the Lymphoma Association.   I’m looking forward to mine with milk and one.

With an estimated 2 million people suffering from lymphoma worldwide it is crucial that awareness is raised and funds are generated to treat and educate about the condition.   There are many different lymphoma types and very little awareness about the nature of the disease.

The lymphatic system is the body’s natural defence against infections. Lymphomas occur when something causes cell changes of changes in DNA to interrupt the natural cell division or cause cell death.

As the 6th most common cancer in the UK, the most common cancer in under 30 year olds and a cancer that is increasing in incidence yearly the work of the Lymphoma Association is more important than ever.

So pull up a chair, have a tea break, raise some money to develop lymphoma research, awareness and treatment then learn about this cancer that is so little understood.  World Lymphoma Day was first observed in 2004.  You can visit the official website for more information about this important national awareness day and while you’re there why not try out the Know Your Nodes Quiz and get to know your lymph nodes.