International Awareness Days January

World Leprosy Day 29 January 2017

World Leprosy Day – Did you know that leprosy is curable but despite this there are still millions of people around the world living with this disability?

For as little as £25 the lives of those affected can be changed.  But, do you think people in poverty-stricken countries like India and Africa can afford that?  No, but you can help change their lives by raising awareness and funds for this cause.

The awareness day is held on the third Sunday in January each year.  This day was chosen as the closest date to the anniversary of the assassination of Mahatma Ghandi, who was greatly concerned by the plight of those with leprosy.

Leprosy is a chronic disease affecting the nerves and the skin – if not treated sufferers can become blind, lose the sensations in their hands and feet; and become prone to a disability through the threat of injury.

As little as £12 could provide someone with shoes for a year or £75 will train a village doctor to recognise symptoms of TB.  It’s actions like this that can make all the difference to the way someone thinks and you could be the one to make that change.   Organise your fundraising event or do something bigger – ride a bike round India, why not?!

Visit the World Leprosy Day website to find out more about the events that took place this year and how you can get involved.   And click here to find out about the work Leprosy Missions are carrying out.

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