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It’s an issue we have to beat everyone deserves the right to eat! World Hunger Day 28 May 2016

World Hunger Day
World Hunger Day
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World Hunger Day – 20,000 people die from poverty every single day – and 10% of them die from famine.

Famines are a thing of the past here in Britain but in countries like Africa global hunger is all too prominent.

That’s why you are needed to help raise money for 13 countries around Africa, Latin America and South Asia.

The Hunger Project this year is asking us to ‘Do something great’ for World Hunger Day.  To find out what’s happening keep checking back on the official website for all the latest information.

This is an annual event and its purpose is to celebrate and find sustainable solutions to end hunger and poverty.  It looks for positive actions taken by those around the world who exist on less than £1 a day in their effort to end hunger.  I’m sure you would agree many of us in our lovely homes with plenty of food can’t image what it would be like to exist on such a meagre amount!

So, what could you do to show your support for the day?  Well, you could create your own fundraiser: organise a running event and make your footprint count.  Just remember to set up your own online sponsoring page!

If you have a talent put it to great use!  For more famine facts and fundraising ideas go to the World Hunger Day website for more information.

Everyone deserves to eat – everyone should be able to live healthily and no one should have to go hungry.

Help take action against hunger now!

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