April International Awareness Days

World Homeopathy Awareness Week 10-16 April annually

World Homeopathy Awareness Week
World Homeopathy Week

World Homeopathy Awareness Week takes place between 10-16 April every year.  The theme for 2016 is ‘Homeopathy as Preventative Medicine’.

Some of you might not be aware of homeopathy, or its benefits.   But throughout this special week you’ll learn loads more!  Homeopathy can offer effective help to those personally affected by crises.  In such times the right homeopathic remedies can help treat individual and long term experiences.

Homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in the 19th century, and the 10th of April marks both the start of the awareness week and his birthday!

The week is organised by the World Homeopathy Awareness Organisation, a non-profit group formed in 2008.  They aim to raise awareness of homeopathy around the globe, share ideas and offer people more information about homeopathic practice.  You can find out more about the awareness week at their website.

The organisation will be arranging lectures, volunteer first-aid at sporting events, free clinics, and much more in over 40 countries around the world.  So, if you’ve got an ailment and just can’t seem to find anything that works, why not give homeopathy a go?

Homeopathy can help with a variety of problems, from migraines or nervousness to motion sickness. And vets are now even using it to treat pets!

Visit the official World Homeopathy Awareness Week website to find out more about the week and get feeling great!

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