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Take care of your heart World Heart Day 29 September annually

World Heart Day
World Heart Day

World Heart Day was devised by the World Heart Federation to help people realise that the majority of these deaths could be avoided. Heart disease and stroke claims 17.3 million lives worldwide every year.

The event was first created in 2000.  Each year the organisers of the event focus on a theme and this year it’s ‘heart healthy environments’.

We all need to ensure that we establish more heart-healthy behaviours to benefit ourselves and our communities.

The World Heart Federation is urging us to become proactive about reducing heart disease and stroke.   From individuals, right through to employers, health care professionals and governments, no one is exempt from the message.

Most of the steps towards a healthier heart seem like common sense yet I know I still don’t do some of them – although I do try and make an effort because it is so important and simple.

Healthy eating for example – eat five portions of fruit and vegetables, avoid saturated fats and processed foods.  Seems simple right?  But when I get lazy I often snack on foods packed with saturated fats and resort to a ready meal instead of cooking fresh.

Other steps you and I can take include being sensible about alcohol intake, avoiding tobacco, exercising for 30 minutes a day and avoiding stressful situations as much as possible.

Across the UK there will be a range of activities including public education, conferences and exhibitions.

So on World Heart Day, do something for your heart and reduce your chances of life threatening stroke and heart disease.