International Awareness Days May

So you wear black and don’t follow the pack … It’s time to come out of the shadows! World Goth Day 22 May annually

While it’s true that most goths prefer night time World Goth Day lets them parade the black look proudly in the sunlight!  Yep, you read right, there’s a whole day dedicated to embracing your outer and inner goth!

Goths are often met with criticism and fear – but why?  They’re just like everyone else and judging someone based on the way they look means missing out on getting to know some great people.

Because of the stigma attached to being a goth, many young people have struggled to get friends and family to accept it.  They have to fight to maintain who they are in the face of the pressure in society to conform!

Is your lifestyle gothic?  If so it’s time to celebrate who you are this May!  Talk to your local radio station and get them to play at least a couple of goth-themed songs.

Or even better organise a special goth night – get a local DJ involved and gather some friends together to go all out and make it an event to remember!

This year there will be prizes including the best radio station, best magazine, best model and best goth shop.  To follow the updates on Twitter and Facebook in the run-up to the events in May!

And for all other info and to get talking to other goths on the online forum, head to the World Goth Day website.

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