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Do you care if you’re fighting fair? World Fair Trade Day 14 May 2016

World Fair Trade Day is supported by thousands of people every year to encourage people to buy more fair trade products.

So what’s the meaning of fair trade?  The Fair Trade Foundation’s main goals are to ensure the best prices, better working conditions for both farmers and the workers living in developing countries and to make sure companies pay sustainable prices.

If prices are not sustained and end up falling lower than the correct market price, this leads to discrimination and unjustifiable treatment of these workers.

That’s why you should get involved on the 14th of May!  The theme for 2016 is ‘Be an Agent for Change’ and it’s all about celebrating the people behind fair trade and supporting change

You too can do your bit.  Start small: buy a fair trade product.  I often start my mornings in town with a fair trade coffee and not only does it wake me up, but it makes me feel good to know I’m contributing to a better world in some way!

There will be loads of celebrations going on: fair trade product fairs, art shows, film and documentary showings and lots more.

Why not visit the World Fair Trade Day website to find out more information and check out the upcoming events.

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