World Elephant Day
12 August 2014

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day - Elephants are arguably the most majestic creatures on the planet but sadly they are also one of the most endangered species.  They have long suffered at the hands of the ivory trade, but poaching and the destruction of their habitat are also major problems faced by these wonderful animals.

But they simply can’t face these problems alone!  So on this day you are encouraged to ask yourself: “What can I do about it?”

The answer is that there are quite a few options that will allow you to help these animals become more protected and cherished.  First of all the Conservation Action Trust (the organisation behind this awareness day) have provided resources that people can use to read up on these issues and ways of resolving them.  Everyone is encouraged to share their favourite images of elephants for this competition – and all this is designed to encourage people to want to take action and remind themselves of how fantastic elephants really are.

If you’re looking for a bigger and better way to help elephants you can start your own project or help to build a life-sized elephant.  All the ways in which you can help are listed here.

Moreover, if you're involved in the 3D print revolution you might be interested in these stylish Elephilament bookends.

Remember, elephants are altruistic, meaning they feel deeply and truly love their fellow family members and have even been known to show compassion for other animals and human beings too. This World Elephant Day let’s show them a similar kindness.  

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