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World COPD Day

Raise awareness of COPD
World COPD Day
15 November 2017

World COPD Day was set up to raise awareness for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD) and improve care for sufferers all over the planet.  In 2017 the day will be celebrate on 15 November.

Do you know much about the disease?   Although it can sometimes be genetic, smoking is the most common cause.   Airways become damaged, leading to restricted oxygen having access to the lungs. Symptoms include a phlegmy COPD cough, breathlessness and chest infections.  Because people sometimes make the mistake of thinking asthma is COPD, so it’s important to know the signs.

Each year GOLD (Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease) promotes the awareness day by choosing a theme and sending out materials to health care professionals, people from the education sector and members of the public.

World COPD Day was first held in 2002 and every year over 50 countries worldwide take part in activities to raise awareness of COPD.   The theme for World COPD Day 2016 was “Breathe in the knowledge” and it was chosen to promote the actions people can take to improve their own respiratory health – both before and after a diagnosis of COPD.  Keep checking back on the website for the latest details of the day.

Each country organises their own events and you can start planning yours now!  For ideas and information on how to organise your activity, go to the World COPD Day website.