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If you’re someone that loves to read get in on the secret of a good deed! World Book Night 23 April annually

World Book Night
World Book Night
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Yes, World Book Night is here again to allow lovers for books and reading the opportunity to enjoy each others shared hobby!

Celebrated in the UK, the USA, Germany and Ireland, the day will see 25 book titles especially chosen for the night.  These titles will be printed thousands of times in the world book night edition for us all to enjoy!

The actual date – 23rd April – is also very well chosen!   Why?   Because it marks the death of Shakespeare and also the Spanish novelist, Cervantes on this date in 1616.

The were books chosen by an expert committee and there’s a great mixture of old and new authors – from Amanda Prowse, to Matt Haig – and I am proud to say that I own three of them!

Improving literacy is a big reason for this day being founded – we all know how important it is to be able to read, from performing the smallest tasks, to getting a good job!

Giving a great book out to someone that you know or think might not be a reader is a great way to them involved.  So world book givers will be provided with copies of the special world book day editions and asked to distribute them wisely!

They can be handed out anywhere – maybe on the train, or standing in the queue waiting for a coffee!  If you’d like to become a reading ambassador you can find out more at the World Book Night website.  The best act of ”book love’ is one I heard about through a friend.  She found a book, outside, with a note attached asking to give it a good home!

Also, celebrated on 23 April is World Book and Copyright Day.  It was first observed in 1995 when UNESCO paid tribute to authors and their books around the world.  The day is about encouraging both young and old to appreciate and discover the pleasure that reading can give.

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