International Awareness Days May

Put asthma in the limelight World Asthma Day 2 May 2017

World Asthma Day will take place on 2 May 2017.   The event which is run by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) takes place each year on the first Tuesday in May.  Its aim is to improve the lives of people with asthma across the world.

GINA works with groups around the world, such as health care professionals and public health in an effort to reduce the prevalence of asthma.

Each year the aim of the day is to improve understanding of this condition and raise funds, particularly to teach people about what to do if a child in their care has an asthma attack.  There are loads of events held across the world to help raise money to fund research.

In the week around the day in the UK you can help to raise money by taking part in Asthma UK’s Big Sing Song.  The idea is to hold an event and showcase your talents as a wannabe Spice Girl or the next Adele – belt out a tune, get sponsored and get all your friends and family involved!

If you don’t have time to organise an event, you can always enter Asthma UK’s online competition by uploading a video of yourself singing to the website.

All the money raised will go towards improving asthma awareness around the UK and teaching people what to do in the event of an asthma attack.

To find out more visit the World Asthma Day website and get involved today!