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Organisations across the world unite for World Alzheimer’s Month every September

World Alzheimer's Month
World Alzheimer's Month

The fourth World Alzheimer’s Month takes place every September 2015 with awareness raising events taking place worldwide.  The theme this year is ‘Remember Me’.

Every year since 1994 Alzheimer organisations have observed World Alzheimer’s Day on 21 September and the day will continue to play an important and key role during the World Alzheimer’s Month events.

Named after neurologist Alois Alzheimer the disease causes progressive damage on the brain.   Activities will focus on reducing the stigma which is associated with dementia and making communities more dementia-friendly.

My local hospital has recently been doing a lot of work to make their wards and departments more dementia-friendly including changing colour schemes to make areas that patients don’t need to access, for example cleaning cupboards blend in with the walls.  Whereas, toilets and bathrooms have bright signs that are easily visible in ward areas.

Activities during the month will include educational seminars, workshops and social events for people with dementia and their carers.

You can visit the official website for details of events taking place on a country by country basis, so they should give you lots of inspiration and ideas about how you can get involved this year.

Of particular interest to me is the Memory Walk an initiative organised by the UK based Alzheimer’s Society to show their commitment to remembering those who they have lost.  All sponsorship funds raised at each Alzheimer’s walk will go towards the work of the Alzheimer’s Society in that specific area.

As part of World Alzheimer’s Month Alzheimer’s Disease International will also launch a report detailing the effects dementia has on the global economy and the true impact dementia has on our societies and health care systems.   With such hard facts and a globally coordinated effort, governments and individuals will have to take notice.

Just think, your fundraising is your way of showing Alzheimer’s support for the people that need that extra bit of care.  Putting up posters in public places in your community should draw attention to the issue and hopefully get more people involved.