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Wool Week
5-11 October 2015

Wool Week

Wool Week - Do you know how many sheep live in the UK?  32 million!   That's almost half the number of people!  There are 60 breeds and between 35,000-40,000 tonnes of  British wool made every year.   The only problem is that wool sales are declining and wool stockists aren't being given the opportunity to sell as much as they'd like.   But it's not to late to change the situation!

Why not take part in Wool Week?  Prince Charles launched the Campaign for Wool and you only have to look to Lily Cole flaunting the cosy material to see its appeal! 

Wool Week Shearing

During past Wool Week's Savile Row, London's most famous men's tailoring street, has been turned into a green pasture for grazing sheep. Retailers have promised windows for companies like Jigsaw and Debenhams, and online auctions of designer woolly items have taken place to launch the event.

There have even been opportunities to 'Meet a Sheep'!  Yes, that's right, sheep from St Kilda's bronze age or Angora goats.   There will be loads of events held to raise awareness of British wool in the UK, including activities in schools.

If you find yourself interested in finding out more wool facts, you might find the uk press releases of real interest!  Did you know that sheep shearing is an acquired skill that involves taking courses that make you an official shearer?   That’s correct, they range from gear courses, to crutching and sharpening and grinding courses!

Wool Week Garments

Are you interested in learning how to shear sheep or maybe you already know the basic rules of how and want to brush up on your skills and become better?  You can start now by clicking here

Remember wool is durable, super-soft and can be very fashionable!  Last week I found a gorgeous new cardigan which will not only keep me warm throughout the winter months, but also ensure I'm sporting the latest look!

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