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Wear it Pink

Wear it Pink
Wear it Pink

It's time to get your
pink gear out and support
Wear it Pink
20 October 2017

Wear It Pink – a simple message for a complex issue.  Asking women and also men to wear pink is a small ask that leaves a lot of room for people to plan their events around it.

The Breast Cancer Now is comprised of scientists and supporters who enable ‘Pink Science’ to go ahead.  What’s pink science?  It’s the research approach taken to look for methods of curing cancer – and with the money raised by the day improvements have been made.

Dr Janine Erler was able to fund the work that lead to her finding a way to prevent a cancerous cell from spreading through others parts of the body.

And it’s not just the body that changes or the scientific research that’s important.  Breast Cancer Now recognises that the diagnosis is a very traumatic experience that will affect not just the person involved, but their family and friends too.  Emotional research devotes time to understanding how breast cancer affects patients and their families; and how best to help them.

How else can you take part?  You could paint the town pink!  Councils can arrange for buildings to be lit up, sports teams could wear pink … in fact, just do as much as you possibly can to integrate pink into!

Once again the campaign is being well supported.  Celebrities have also been supporting the campaign.  For example in previous campaigns chef Lorraine Pascale has encouraged people to try pink cooking!  What about some pink cupcakes?

Vanish has also supported the day by offering a donation from every pink pack that is sold.

Every year Wear it Pink raises over £2 million and you too can ‘Be Part of the Cure’ by taking part in breast cancer fundraising this year.  So get planning your event or join in with one that’s been planned for you.

Find out about breast cancer news and see what’s going on for Wear it Pink 2017 by contributing to the Facebook conversation.