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Have you been feeling lost or low? Education should be the place to help us grow! University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day 3 March 2016

University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day
University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day
Photo courtesy of Dana Bartekoske Heinemann

University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day (UMHAN) believes that more attention should be focused on ensuring the positive wellbeing of people with mental health difficulties.  So 3 March will aim to get people from educational institutions involved in ensuring the mental health and well being of students, and staff, at higher education level.

So how does the UMHAN think this should be done?  There are different methods.  Through the proper installation of access ramps, hearing loops – and other factors like making sure lecture theatres and assignment methods are well adapted.

After all, what’s the alternative?   That people with disabilities will have less higher education opportunities and in turn much less employment chances.  Unthinkable and unfair in what is supposed to be a fair society!

In the past there has been no legislation specially dedicated to helping people with mental health issues – instead, the emphasis has been on how to contain and manage people.

So this day is not only about encouraging positive changes in legislation and society, but also informing people more about the issues affecting people.   UHMAN believe it is important to move past any stigma attached … and not just to change thoughts positively, but actions too!

So what can we do to help?   By taking part in University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day we all have an opportunity to change this situation for the better.  And it’s to be held on campus of course!

UMHAN makes a good point – there is so much emphasis put on eating five fruit or veg a day to stay healthy – but what about putting equal importance on doing five things a day in promoting wellbeing mentally? To find out more about ways you can do this, visit the University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day website.

So once you’ve chosen how you’re going to distribute the five point message, it’s time to get people on board in a way you think will most appeal.  For example, do you think more people will be more on board with a show, like fashion or a movie night?  Or do you think you could get more people involved with volunteering?   It’s up to you to decide what will get people the most interested!

Furthermore, if you want to find out more about student health or are experiencing any difficulties yourself, you may find some helpful information here.

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