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Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children's Day
Universal Children's Day

Do your bit
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International Children's Day
20 November

The United Nations (UN) declared every 20 November Universal Children’s Day.

It was back in December 1954 that the UN suggested that governments around the world celebrate the day and promote their future objectives in whatever way they think will make a difference.

UNICEF makes a huge difference every year.   This includes launching a group voicing victims of conflict, created by young people with first-hand experience of these situations.

Children’s Day 2009 saw UNICEF sign outlines with Xinhua News agency to improve children’s rights everywhere, and launched 24-hour TV coverage.

Would you consider sponsoring a child?  Our family sponsors a lovely little girl, who sends us letters every so often.   Without our sponsorship she wouldn’t be able to go to school.

If you’re a teacher, it would be a great idea to dedicate the day’s lesson plan by showing the kids how different children’s lives are in developing countries.  Highlighting what they wouldn’t have will help them appreciate what they do have!  You can do it in a way that is easy and fun to understand.

Do your bit and support Universal Children’s Day.