"There are Shortcuts
to Happiness and
Dancing is one of them"
Two Left Feet Week
19-25 July 2015

Two Left Feet Week

So what's Two Left Feet Week all about?  

Do you believe you could never learn to dance and so refuse to even give it a try?  Well we've got news for you - 'two left feet' is a myth!   For the vast majority of us there are no physical reasons not to dance - in fact it's more likely to be the other way around ... there are many reasons why we should dance!

There are so many benefits all rolled into one - physical health, weight loss, mental/emotional health and general wellbeing, and once you've taken the plunge you'll soon begin to see and feel those benefits for yourself.

You don't have to be incredibly fit, thin and young (or old for that matter) to take up, and enjoy, dancing ... it isn't limited by age, fitness level, size, shape, experience or ability.  Dancing is for everyone and dance classes tend to be one of the few places where people of different generations can share a common interest.     

But it isn't easy to step outside your comfort zone (especially if you're doing it alone) and for many of us this is the real reason we avoid the opportunity to learn to dance.  Two Left Feet week aims to encourage more of us to take that initial step of joining a dance class - in the knowledge that we're not alone and thousands of others just like us are doing exactly the same all across the UK!

Let Two Left Feet Week be the motivation you've lacked so far ... visit the Two Left Feet Week website to find out more about the health benefits; information about some of the more popular dance styles and help with deciding what would be a suitable type of class for you ... but be warned - dancing can become very addictive!

"There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them" Vicki Baum

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