Have you got your towels
at the ready?
Not to dry yourself with silly
to use up in space!
Towel Day
25 May annually

Towel DayTowel Day

Image courtesy of Suat Eman at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Towel Day - Do you love Douglas Adams books?  Then this is the day for you!

Towel Day, which is celebrated every 25 May encourages all fans to carry around a towel on the momentous date.  And where does the idea stem from?

Well if you've already read 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' you'll already know the answer!  In Guide to the Galaxy, Adams talks about why a towel is the most important item a space-travelling hitchhiker can have.

Not only is it extremely practical - you can use it to keep warm, to lie on, to sleep on and to use as a miniraft as you sail down the River Moth!  To find out why the towel is also important for psychological reasons, follow this link. 

So what can you do to celebrate the day?  Well, carry your towel! (okay, that was the obvious one ...).  But on the run-up to the day tweet about towel day, even plan your own event - why not organise a book-reading, themed party or movie-night?

What else will be happening, you might ask?  Well in previous year's in London one event involved a nerdy poetry competition and some fantastic crazy outfits!

Go to the Towel Day website to find out about all the other great events that will be taking place across the world.

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