Did you know that
Valentine's Day is also
Thinking about Sex Day
every 14 February

Thinking about Sex DayThinking about Sex Day

Thinking about Sex Day - who would have thought there would be a day when we'd actively be encouraged to think about sex?   This awareness day does just that!

Organised by the Sexual Advice Association, the day is designed to encourage everyone to think about the physical and psychological issues surrounding sexual activity.  Encouraging people to think about sex is the first step towards ensuring the public's sexual health and wellbeing.

Men think about sex 13 times per day on average, compared to the 5 times a day women think about sex.   So that old saying that men have sex on the brain is actually true by comparison!   However, there's more to sex than making a woman want you guys!

The Sexual Advice Association provides information and support on all things related to male and female sexual health.  They even offer a confidential helpline to respond to queries.

In the UK we are notorious for our need for privacy and reserved attitude to sex.   The Sexual Advice Association aim to change that and open up dialogue about sex in order to identify and help with some of the commonly occurring issues.  It is hoped that topics such as sexual desire, sexual health and a number of other topics will be addressed using open and honest language that is not too heavy on the euphemisms!

I'm not telling you how many times a day I think about sex though ... 

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