British Awareness Days October

The Big Draw

The Big Draw
The Big Draw

Have your pens and paper
at the ready
it's time for
The Big Draw

If you’re itching to get creative then pick up your pencils for The Big Draw.  Throughout the whole of October there’s a month of events to get everyone drawing together and show us it doesn’t need to just be a private passion!

The theme for 2017 is ‘Living Lines’ and we are being encouraged to celebrate by doodling, sketching, painting or whatever you want to do!

Take a look around you for inspiration!  Have you heard of drawing with light?  Gijon Mili introduced Picasso to the method and that’s where Picasso started his own light drawings.  See Pablo in action here.  It just goes to show there’s more to drawing than pencils and paint palettes!   And the more advanced technology becomes, the greater the possibility of new options!

Perhaps you’ve seen the 3D printing pens that you hold in your hand and you can draw to your heart’s content.  The plastic ‘ink’ (filament) hardens almost instantly allowing you to create all manner of things, from structured 3D models to abstract drawings!

Lots of interesting ideas will also be explored: like why do we still need pencils and paper if we have computers?  You never hear about famous artists expert use of Microsoft paint do you!  Organised by the independent charity The Campaign For Drawing, the month aims to highlight drawing as a great outlet for your thoughts and creativity and get engaged with your culture.

No matter how skilled you are, no matter whether your left-handed, right-handed (or even ambidextrous!), there are loads of events to draw you in and get you feeling arty.

At The Big Draw’s website, you can find out about all the events near you in museums, galleries and community centres, like lessons in how to caricatures and giant nature collages.   You can even organise your own event, and if like me you haven’t picked up a pencil since your art classes school then it’s a great way to get in touch with your creative side!  So get on the website for all your big draw ideas.

On your marks, get set … draw!