The Art of the Kiss

The ARt of the Kiss

The Little Book on The Art of the Kiss by William Yarbro

Upon opening the first page of “The Little Book on The Art of the Kiss” by William Yarbro I was admittedly skeptical – after all, kissing is such a universal act, what can there be to know that we haven’t already learned through our own experiences?

“Your kiss is a personal gift expressing your feelings toward that person at that particular moment.” But from the outset I felt encouraged to think of the kiss in a different way – viewing the kiss as something to be cherished and not taken for granted.

So who would like this book? There is advice for novice kissers, even including advice on how to kiss with braces for the first time (according to the author, braces are in vogue these days!).  But the book is equally suited to long-term couples who have probably got set in their lip-locking ways and could do with some brand new tips to spice things up.

Yarbro also considers that fact that while kissing comes naturally to some, others could do with more practice.  He takes the time to explain how to convey “the message” of your kiss as he describes the different meanings and techniques of over thirty kisses.

The author even takes us on a journey outlining the story of his own kisses  - unless you’ve been very lucky I think most of us can relate to the awkward beginnings of “the first kiss”!

The “Kissing Dos and Don’t’s” chapter is well put together and made me laugh out loud in places.  Have you tried the “Searching the cavern” technique? If, like me, you haven’t heard of it, I think this one will come as a surprise!

What I like best about this book is that there is truly a kiss for every mood – and the sensual descriptions are so evocative that you are ready to pucker up by the end of the final line!

Already consider yourself to be an expert kisser expert?  Well, 6 July is International Kissing Day so you'd better have a quick flick through to be really sure…after all, you can never have too much practice!

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