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Too shy to talk about STIs and contraception? Get savvy during Sexual Health Week 12-18 September 2016

Sexual Health Week

Sexual Health Week run by the FPA (Family Planning Association) throughout England, aims to keep us all informed about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexual health.

The FPA, is a sexual health charity.  They now been informing the general public for over 80 years, helping people to make the right choices for them when it comes to sex and relationships.   We can all feel embarrassed when it comes to talking about sex, but the FPA aims to get us feeling more confident when it comes to discussing it.

The theme of Sexual Health Week 2016 is “sexually transmitted infections” the focus of the campaign was to help to dispel some of the myths about emergency contraception.  Check back on the official website for all the information you need.

Are you a parent and feel its time to talk to your child about sex?  Are you unsure what to say without them cringing and running off?!   It’s definitely not the easier subject to broach, but Speakeasy has been designed to help you gain more confidence in what to say and do to inform and support them.

In past years the week has also looked at things that affect many people, like alcohol and sexual health and talking to partners about contraception and in 2010 the first ever sexual health campaign was run aimed at the over 50s.

There have been growing concerns in the country that children are being exposed to sex too young. With erotic content popping up in mainstream music videos more frequently prime minister David Cameron recently spoke out calling for legislation that puts sanctions on what is available to the younger audience.

To find out more, you can visit the Sexual Health Week website.   Or if you want to offer your services and provide some help for free, you can find out about all the ways you can get involved with this great charity and important awareness week.