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You don’t need Jack’s magic beans to grow a tree in Seed Gathering Season 23 September – 23 October annually

You don’t need Jack’s magic beans to grow a tree in Seed Gathering Season.

Seed Gathering Season

Seed Gathering Season

From 23 September (which is traditionally considered to be the start of autumn) to 23 October the Tree Council are encouraging young children and families to get out into local woodland and start gathering up seeds.

The seeds are ripe in the autumn so that’s why this is the season to collect them!  The intention is that gathering seeds, fruits and nuts will stimulate growth of trees that will flourish better in local environments. Trees grown in their native environments are most likely to survive and thrive.

My own attempts at growing a Bonsai Tree have twice been met with a brittle twig-like results after a few short weeks.   I think that I may take a leaf out of the books of the Tree Council and gather my own forest seeds and then after planting the seeds see if I have any more success with a tree of a local variety.

You could also join a local event during  the month to help ensure that the tree population in your local community goes on to flourish in later years.

Seed Gathering Season is not just about the trees … autumn harvest can be bountiful in providing all manner of organic snacks that can be used to prepare tasty treats.  The Tree Council are encouraging us to pick and mix from nature’s best offerings.   I think this is a great way to be creative in the kitchen while getting in tune with nature!

However, during Seed Gathering Season make sure you only gather edible berries, fruit and seeds, don’t gather it from private land or beside busy roads and industrial estates and only pick what you need – the point is to help nature so leave it unspoiled.