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Who needs a golden ticket to join Dahl mania? Not us! Roald Dahl Day 13 September annually

Roald Dahl Day – the event takes place every year on 13 September – the great man’s birthday!

Roald Dahl DayI’ve always loved Roald Dahl books.  They’re full of fun and imagination – and they never get old!  Everyone knows ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, most have heard of ‘James and The Giant Peach’, and the one that scared me most – ‘The Witches’.

So, how can you celebrate Roald Dahl Day  You could watch a movie or read one, or a few of his books – they’re easy to sail through.  Or, do something bigger, be creative and come up with a unique idea of your own.  It can be a theme from anything to do with Roald Dahl.

In 2011 there were some great celebrations as it was the 50th anniversary of James and the Giant Peach.   So, as you can imagine there were lots of peach themed events.

In 2012 it was the 30th anniversary of the Big Friendly Giant (BFG) and their were lots of opportunities to enter competitions to make your dreams come true …

And in 2014, I know it’s hard to believe, but … Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was 50 years old!

So, whatever you decide to do to celebrate the day you will need to make sure you contact the official website and order your party packs.

There are also quizzes to download and sports day packs – so there really is something for everyone.   And whilst you are having so much fun why not also take the opportunity to raise money for Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, which aims to make the lives of sick children better.

If you are anywhere near Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire why not pay a visit to the Roald Dahl Museum for a great family day out.

For more information about events taking place on 13 September, or if you want just want to keep updated with all things Roald Dahl you can sign up for the Roald Dahl newsletter.

On Roald Dahl Day I’ll be taking inspiration from ‘Matilda’, one of my favourite films as a child!  But why don’t you visit ‘Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes’ where you can find the recipe for the giant chocolate cake Bruce Bogtrotter ate in the movie.   Although, I think I’ll make a smaller version … and remember to share!

We’d like to thank Show and Stay Magazine for allowing us to display their infographic – The Whizzpopping World of Roald Dahl on our website.  We’re sure you will all agree it’s really, really great!

Roald Dahl