British Awareness Days May

Rise to the occasion during Real Bread Maker Week 14-22 May 2016

This year Real Bread Maker Week runs from 14-22 May 2016.

The Real Bread Campaign, who are part of the charity Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming, are asking us to dust off those idle bread makers that are hiding in the back of our cupboards plug it in and get baking!

The campaign was first launched in November 2008.  And not only is the week about getting stuck in and making your own bread – there’s a serious side to it all as well.  The charity has plans to help people benefit from the therapeutic properties of making bread.  So they are asking us to raise money by baking bread and selling it at our own local events.  Perhaps you could even sell a batch of loaves in your workplace!

I have to say that my bread maker sits in a cupboard and hardly sees the light of day, but this has really given me the incentive to dust if off and get up and dough! – oops, sorry, I mean go!

There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread to get your taste buds tingling!  So why don’t you check out the fabulous bread recipes at the official website and start making and enjoying your own real bread!

What I really love about this week is that raising awareness of real bread is not only a great campaign, but it also ties in with National Mills Weekend, which this year runs from 14-15 May.   Traditional wind and watermills around the country will be hosting family events and activities to help get the best out of locally milled flour bread machine loaves.

I’m really going to make an effort this Real Bread Maker Week and bake a few different loaves – I might even post some pictures on the website to let you all see how I get on!

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