Homelessness is a big issue
Poverty and Homelessness
Action Week
25 January - 2 February 2014

Poverty and Homelessness Action Week

Poverty and Homelessness Action Week - While we're snuggled up in bed at night, there are people using the pavements as their pillow.

Church Action on Poverty, Scottish Churches and other organisations are making a difference as part of this years Action Week 2014.

There are many different types of people who are homeless: homeless children, adults, elderly people - and all with different reasons for why they are stuck on the streets.

The Poverty and Homelessness Action Week website provides some informative facts on homelessness.  It helped answer some questions I had and it's definitely worth taking a look for all the information you'll need to make a huge difference!

The theme for 2014 has not been announced yet but in the meantime it's worth thinking about why some people are in these situations - you know, it's not always their fault, and we need to recognise this - it could be due to a relationship break up, mental distress or a consequence of the economic climate. 

The organisers of the event want us to acknowledge that a 'blame culture is not the way to make things better'.  Everyday people, whether they are poor or homeless come up against barriers in their lives.  Our world is so full of barriers and they stop us from understanding one another. Churches and community projects work tirelessly to break the barriers and challenge prejudice and those who are excluded from society.

If you are part of a church group there are lots of ways you can get involved! You could integrate Homelessness Sunday on 26 January 2014 or Poverty Action Sunday on 2 February 2014 into your usual Sunday Service.   Organising a youth group would also be a good opportunity to encourage kids to think about this year's theme.

Alternatively, you could hold a Cup of Tea Day in in your church which would be another way of bringing the community together and raising vital funds at the same time.

The census which took place in the UK in 2011 should list everyone living in Britain - but there will be many homeless people not included in these statistics.

You can also keep up to date and support the event by joining the group's Facebook and Twitter pages.  And you can always offer a donation to help with the work of the group.

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