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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

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Pancreatic Cancer
Awareness Month

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.  You probably heard that Patrick Swayze succumbed to pancreatic cancer in 2009.   The disease is often a silent killer which is why more people need to know the signs and dangers.

Did you know that pancreatic cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the UK?  Did you also know that 1% of research funding it spent on pancreatic cancer?  How shocking is that?!

So what kind of signs are there?   Over half of patients already have jaundice when they first visit their doctor – which means yellow skin and yellowness also affecting the area around the pupils of the eyes.

You might be driven mad with a lot of itching or a fever, could feel pain in your stomach and weight loss might also be present.

Want to know how you can help?   Maybe you know someone touched by pancreatic cancer or perhaps you have to have had the disease yourself. Maybe you just want to make a difference and ‘Change the Numbers’.  Well, for more information visit the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month website.

Need some inspiration?   In 2010 Paige Bishop lost her dad when doctors failed to see the signs of his condition.   With the help of those she loved, she organised a golf event – around 130 people attended.   There was a raffle, donated gifts and £3,058 was raised for Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Why not organise your own Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month event?  It can be sports-related or be about something different altogether!  It’s up to you and what you want to do.   Maybe you could club some people together and run ideas past each other until you find a great option.

And … look out for local landmarks being floodlit in purple and don’t forget to wear purple on World Pancreatic Cancer Day which takes place on 16 November 2017!