September US Awareness Days

There’s only one thing they want to attain the ability to lessen the pain! Pain Awareness Month every September

Pain Awareness Month
Pain Awareness Month

The first Pain Awareness Month was held in 2001 and since then the event has gone from strength to strength – Around 75 million Americans are suffering pain and it’s time to do something about it.  Awareness will be raised by the American Pain Foundation Action Network to this huge problem so that politicians are focused on the need for new research and treatments.

Many events are being planned up and down the country!  So why don’t you do your bit by raising awareness about the issues of pain and managing pain.

The source of the pain of many illnesses isn’t always visible.   Like Crohn’s disease which causes inflammation and attacks the immune system.  I knew a woman with the disease and looking at her you wouldn’t know anything was wrong.  So she was often suffering in silence!

The month also ties in with National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week.   More suffers will have the chance to voice their pain via blogging and virtual conferences.

For the entire month The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians is sponsoring a campaign that works to reduce acute and chronic pain.  Everyone deserves a good quality of life and the main aim should always be to provide that for people suffering chronic pain where possible.

So what could you do to ease the pain?   You can set up your own event any day during Pain Awareness Month!  Are you often in a lot of pain? But feel that people don’t really understand?   Then share this link on Facebook, Twitter and any other networking sites you use.

We can take our health for granted – but for people living with pain there is nothing they desire more than to have that pain lessened and feel okay.