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Organic September

Organic September
Organic September

Celebrate all things organic
Organic September

Organic September – The Soil Association needs you to join their “Organic your September” campaign.  And again we have a whole month to celebrate all things organic.

The message is to promote organic and encourage shoppers to discover their own favourite organic products – and there are lots to choose from.  So, swap your usual supermarket foods for organic products.  Be kinder to yourself, your wildlife, and create an overall healthier planet.

So … how can you take part in Organic September?  Well, there are lots of ways!

Why not make a pact to replace just one of your everyday products each week during the month with an organic one instead.   You could replace food items, beauty products, clothing or household goods and before you know it you could be well and truly completely organic!

The Soil Association has lots of helpful ideas about how you can shop for less and if you join The Soil Association you can get access to exclusive offers via Organic Connect, a directory of independent retailers and suppliers.  How about making arrangements to have an organic box, filled with fabulous fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables delivered straight to your door.

Have you ever thought about having an organic holiday?  By visiting The Soil Association’s website you can find a beautiful place to stay for a fabulous holiday – you could choose from a working organic farm, where you could find out more about organic farming, an organic campsite, yurt or cottage – there’s something for everyone!

For more information about organic activities and how you can get involved, go to the Organic September website for the details.

I’ve also found that the Fairtrade Foundation has loads of useful information on why it’s so important to be eco-friendly.  Check it out and see what simple changes you can make!

Go on, give it a go!