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You can’t run from your problems but you can run towards beating them! Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week 11-24 April 2016

Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week
Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week
Photo courtesy of Mihapix

Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week – Every year more than 37,000 men will find out they have penile cancer, prostrate cancer and testicular.

But caught early these cancers can be treated and very possibly save men’s lives – and that’s why the role of this awareness week is so important.

If Orchid can get more people to recognise the week they can make more people aware and understanding of the signs and symptoms.  Not just men, but to encourage partners and healthcare professionals to be clued up too.

Cancer affects the whole family and Orchid are on hand to give advice and help!  During the event in April 2014 the first Orchid Male Cancer Helpline was launched.  Plus, a 5k sponsored run took place in London to raise awareness and funds for this worthwhile cause.

During the awareness week information days will be held and there will be opportunities for people to talk to doctors and journalists … and much, much more.

Take part and get your local community involved – order your awareness pack to start with and take it from there!  For more information visit the Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week website.

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