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Are you ready to feel energised? Let your feet find the beat! National Tap Dance Day 25 May annually

National Tap Dance Day
National Tap Dance Day

National Tap Dance Day – Three tap-dance lovers came up with the idea of reviving 1970s tap in a Metro subway in Washington one day.

After they realised legislation had already been pushed through to recognise jazz they worked for their very own recognition – and ended up with National Tap Dance Day!  It takes place on the 25th May because ‘Bojangles Robinson, a famous tap dancer, was born on that day.

In 2001 awards were given out to women that had danced with Bojangles in ‘Hooray for Love’.  Another one of his well known dancers was the famous Shirley Bassey, who starred with him in four films!

Tap dancing hasn’t just been linked to America either – tap is also involved with Irish dancing and flamenco dancing!  So go on, find a dance institute near you and get those tootsies moving!

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