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From school to the workplace are you packing the most stylish pencil case? National Stationery Week 25 April – 1 May 2016

National Stationery Week
National Stationery Week
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Heard of National Stationery Week?  Its all just beginning and you can be a part of it!

National Stationery Day was launched by the Stationery Show in 2012, and it is part of a campaign to promote all things stationery to the consumer and press.

In 2013 the event got bigger and better and National Stationery Day became National Stationery Week!   And, it’s going global! Why?  Because 29 April has been designated World Stationery Day!

Organiser Chris Leonard Morgan says that stationery has a special place in peoples hearts.  What, I hear you say?  Isn’t it just a pencil?

Well no, because when you think about it it makes sense that we are so attached to stationery!  Some of us really appreciate a gift like a nice pen.

Our attachment to stationery tends to start as children.   When I was at school a large part of starting the school year was choosing the perfect pencil case.  Sounds silly, but it’s nice to have a colourful or nicely patterned case to hold all the necessities!   It definitely brightens up the school day!

Although it could be said that each week spent in somewhere like an office or school is stationery week – March will give us all an opportunity to celebrate and raise the bar for what is expected from stationery!

So what is planned for the week?  The Stationery Show of course!  The trade only exhibition will take place in the Business Design Centre in London and retailers and trade buyers will get the opportunity to find out what’s on trend in the world of stationery fashion and writing accessories from more than one hundred stationery suppliers.

Ambassadors within and outside the trade will be invited along with celebrities that have a penchant for stationery.   I can’t wait to find out who!

As a writer I know how much of a difference it can make to own a really unique and stylish pen.   It can be inspiring, and make you feel so much more confident, whether you’re filling out something practical or feeling creative!

Just one other thing the organisers of the week are also wanting us to put the ‘e’ back into stationery – because so many people get confused with the spelling – but it’s really easy, all you have to do when spelling stationery (as in paper and pens etc) and not stationary (as in not moving) is remember ‘e’ for envelopes!!

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