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Make a difference and raise awareness during National Road Victim Month Every August

National Road Victim Month
National Road Victim Month

Make a difference and raise awareness during National Road Victim Month.

Have you lost a friend or relative in a traffic accident?  While we remember lost loved ones every day, Road Victim Month each August aims to remember those who have died in road traffic accidents and promote road peace.

This special month was first established and celebrated in 1998 by the RoadPeace organisation.   It aims to remind the public of how devastating road accidents are and how they can impact on people’s lives.

The month of August was chosen as a number of poignant road accidents have happened in this month throughout history.  Bridget Driscoll, the first person in the UK to die from a road traffic accident died in August 1896.   Diana, Princess of Wales also died in August 1997.

A number of events will be held throughout the month, including a service of remembrance. On 13 August 2016 a service of remembrance will take place at the RoadPeace Wood at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire and an annual ceremony will be held on the steps to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on 31 August 2016 remembering everyone who has been killed on the roads.   Roadside memorials of flowers and wreaths at the sites of accidents are also encouraged throughout this month.  For more information on the events taking place in 2016 keep checking back on the official website.

For more details visit National Road Victim Month website, where you can find out more about this important celebration of lost lives.

RoadPeace, the organisers of the event are an independently funded national charity for road crash victims.   RoadPeace is also a member of the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims.

If you would like to get involved either by joining the group to become a member, showing your support by giving a donation or holding a fundraising event just visit the official website for more information.

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