March US Awareness Days

Dying for your affection help free puppies in need! National Puppy Day 23 March annually

National Awareness Days in August

National Puppy Day is here for two reasons: to draw awareness to the unconditional love we get from our almost-dogs!

And to highlight the importance of working to save our orphaned canines and teach people the truth about puppy mills in the US and puppy farms in the UK and pet stores that stock puppies.

Pet mills keep pets in tiny cages all crammed together and often kill females or force them to keep churning out more litters.  Can you imagine your pet having to go through that?

Buying pets from these stores means buying into the cruel way they these animals are treated.

So to find out the facts or if you’re thinking of adopting, make that puppy happy!  Visit the National Puppy Day website for all the information you need.

Don’t forget to check out America’s Most Beautiful Puppy.  They say beauty is subjective but there is no denying the cuteness of these little ones, especially Leila!  I know I shouldn’t pick a favourite …

But if you want your pup picked then get on the official facebook page and vote for him or her.

For those pet-owners keen to learn more general dog facts, check out the online pet magazine.

Who has the cutest puppy, why not send us a picture? Or, do you have a great funny story about your puppy?

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