National Promotional 
Products Week
14-18 September 2015

National Promotional Products Week is a celebration of the Promotional Products Industry and run by the British Promotional Merchandise Association.

Promotional products are more than just a freebie, if a promotional item is useful, research shows that 89% of people will keep it.  The aim of Promotional Products Week is to nationally raise the profile of promotional products and encourage their use within the marketing mix.

The organisers want companies to recognise the value of promotional products and understand the many different ways they can improve brand awareness. National Promotional Products Week (PPW) will take place from the 14-18 September 2015.

This follows on from its inaugural launch in 2013 which proved highly popular; a resounding success.  PPW will showcase promotional merchandise at its best highlighting its essential role in the marketing mix and explaining why it's continually used by marketers keen to make an impact.  End users sales of promotional products in the UK are worth a staggering £840 million per annum!  A survey commissioned by PPW in 2013 found that the UK is a nation of freebie hunters and that brands who use promotional products as part of the marketing mix will reap the benefits.

The research found that 3 in 10 consumers had purposely changed their regular brand in order to receive a promotional product.  Furthermore almost a sixth of consumers said that they would use devious means, such as giving out false personal details or gaining uninvited entry to a venue or event, to acquire a free product.

The theme this year is Promotional Products Invoke Action - the organisers are encouraging members and end user buyers to share their cool promotional product ideas and case studies as to how effective it's been.

For more information visit: National Promotional Products Week

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