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Sweet or salted? Cheesy jalapeno and spiced please! National Popcorn Day 19 January annually

Popcorn Day

National Popcorn Day aims to draw awareness to popcorn and the never-ending amount of fun you can have with it!

When’s the last time you tried cheesy jalapeno popcorn?  Or you opened up an oriental takeaway box and found spicy popcorn instead?  Probably never, but now is your chance!

So why do we love popcorn?   Well the obvious answer because it’s so tasty!   But we also relate it to watching a great film and having a relaxing time with our friends or family.

It even made an appearance on CBC News when a paper suggested that eating a bag of popcorn is like eating a quarter kilogram of potato chips!

So if you feel like trying a healthier option just click here for some recipesMade the right way, it can actually be a nutritious snack because it’s filled with corn and takes longer to chew!

The kids at a school in Hebron USA unleashed their creativity in maths class made popcorn prisms and the junior band learned the ‘Popcorn Prelude’.  If you’re a musician why not give it a go?

Maybe you love sports and want to try themed basketball or popcorn air hockey!   Or if you love nature, string popcorn outside and make some birds very happy!

When TV was invented in the 1950s there was a huge decline in popcorn sales because people not going to the movies = people not buying popcorn.

But in the 21st century we can make it in the microwave, stick on a DVD and make our very own movie night!

Or if you just want to treat yourself a trip to the movies never gets old and neither does theatre popcorn!  I can never make my mind up whether to have salted or sweet – so I always get a bag of mixed popcorn, and every time I pop a piece it’s a lovely surprise!

I just happen to have some toffee popcorn in the house and all this talk is making me crave some.

I’m off to enjoy mine … go on, you deserve to indulge too this National Popcorn Day!

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