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Looking for great scenery? National Parks Week 25-31 July 2016

National Parks Week
National Parks Week

National Parks Week – This July you are being invited to enjoy a little peace and quiet amongst stunning scenery as part of National Parks Week.

National Parks are areas which are protected because of their cultural importance, beautiful countryside or fascinating wildlife.   There are fifteen national parks in Britian.  Ten in England, two in Scotland and three in Wales.

Looking after these parks isn’t cheap, but the costs are used well – mainly on conserving the natural environment and cultural heritage.

Some national parks are making positive changes to reverse climate change too.   Floods cause damage to fields and animals who can’t go out and graze.  If peatland is eroded, it starts to leak out carbon rather that containing it.

So in the Peak District workers are restoring peat – which will help maintin our wildlife’s habitats and reduce the risk of floods.

Did you know that if all the peaklands in Britain were completely undamaged we’d be looking after so much carbon that it would be equal to removing 84,000 cars from our roads?

What better reason do we need to maintain and visit our national parks than looking out for the welfare of our animals and our environment!

So why don’t you visit a national park?  There’s loads going on throughout the week, and there are fun activities for all the family, whatever their ages.   There are walks around stately homes and gardens, or if you’re more into crafts you can watch artists and glassmakers at work or even have a go at walling!   Not all the events are finalised yet but there are plenty planned so far!

In Pembrokeshire you could pay a visit to an Iron Age hut and find out what it was really like to live there centuries ago!  To keep up to date on events taking place during the week visit the National Parks Week website for all the information you need.

Archery, cycling, deer-watching, canoeing and tree-walking are all available in places like the Lake District and the Cairngorms.   If you decide to go for a walk make it exciting!  Your national park guide will teach you about surrounding myths and legends as you walk!

It’s all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing something different – but still feeling comfortable! It always great to be outside in the open air taking in the beauty of the landscape!

You are guaranteed to find something to suit you.   If you like a more challenging walk then you’ll be catered for.  Or, if you prefer an easier trail there will be something for you too!

Once you’ve checked out the official website, pack your picnic, your sun cream and your umbrella and get ready to be surprised by the history and beautiful outdoors found in your area!

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