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National Nut Day

National nut Day
National Nut Day

Go nuts on
National Nut Day
22 October

National Nut Day was set up by the Liberation Foods Company as a brilliant way to advocate Fairtrade nuts and promote deliciously healthy living!

So who does Fairtrade help?  As the only nuts business run by farmers,  Liberation is a ‘Community Interest Company’ run to benefit small farmers and nuts gatherers.  It’s also a company with a ringing endorsement as it’s supported by organisations like Comic Relief and also supports World Vegan Day.

Not to mention comedian Harry Hill, who has recently launched ‘Harry’s Nuts!  He visited Malawi and realised helping nut farmers get involved with fair trade could allow them to buy simple things like a tin roof to keep the rain out.

He was also inspired by Newman’s salad dressings and sauces where the proceeds go towards the Newman Foundation charity.   It’s a win win situation so now we can all enjoy Harry Hill’s salted peanuts and be comfortable in the knowledge that he doesn’t get a penny whilst the people that really need it do.  So knowing I’m also helping a great cause by buying these products makes them taste even better!

But there are lots of other nutty options depending on your personal preference!  They are nutritious, containing healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals and they can help reduce the risk of conditions like heart disease.   I once met a man in his 90s who constantly snacked on nuts, so maybe it’s true!   If you want to find out more about cashews, brazil nuts and more, find out all the info right here.

In 2010 the day was a huge success.  The House of Commons even called for an Early Day Motion asking for MPs to spend the day eating nuts in favour of meat!

So what can you do on nut day (aside from buying Harry’s Nuts of course)?  Last year we were all encouraged to swap meat for nuts.  The  theme for this year hasn’t been announced yet but, you can keep checking the official website on the run up to the events.

Meanwhile you could check out Harry’s nut cookies and if you’re a restaurant or café might consider offering more nut options on National Nut Day!