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National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month
National Novel Writing Month

Could you write a novel
in 30 Days?
National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month!  Can you write a novel in a month?

That’s the challenge for all the budding authors out there.  The idea is to write your 50,000 words in just thirty days.  The deadline?  11.59.59 hours on 30 November!

What can you write?  Any type of fiction you want!  Horror, romance … erotica!  Whatever you feel passionate enough to tell a story about.

Let’s face it: with that amount of time most of what you write will probably be messy and even nonsensical in parts!  But it’s about being unafraid to get all the rubbish out of the way first.  That way, you can sift through and find all the parts that are going to make your story amazing!

The point is that it least you can laugh at the ridiculous nature of what you’re writing together!  And ‘mock’ those authors that take years and years before completing theirs!

People will take different approaches when it comes to writing a novel.  The best thing to do is take on board some of these recommendations and apply them depending on what suits you best as an individual.

Ever heard of the iceberg theory?  Well, there’s no better man than Ernest Hemingway to give you tips on writing, so have a look at these five great pointers that have helped me.

I love to write and have a couple of story ideas.  I think the hardest part would be having the patience to sit down and pore over hundreds of pages.  Not to mention how strict you’d have to be with yourself when it came to editing!

Actually it’s always good to have other people look over your writing.  Someone who will give you an honest opinion, rather than your mum or partner who are certain to be biased!

The big question you might be asking yourself is: have any of these one month novels ever been published?  Well, you know ‘Water for Elephants’ that recently came out at the cinema?   That was based on a book written by a previous National Novel Writing Month contender!

To sign up for the National Novel Writing Month event and for more advice on how to write a novel head to the website for all the information and inspiration you need.