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National Mentoring Day
27 October Annually

National Mentoring Day

National Mentoring Day was launched to recognise the significant benefits of mentoring across the UK and takes place on 27 October each year.  The day was created and launched by Chelsey Baker, an award-winning mentor to encourage and celebrate mentoring in all its forms.

The key message is to raise awareness of the invaluable and rewarding contribution that mentoring makes and showcase the benefits of being a mentor and being mentored.  The aim is to encourage discussions, events and social media activities to recognise how mentoring can support individuals or businesses and help facilitate shared vision for everyone involved in the industry.

The theme for National Mentoring Day is ‘Mentoring Rocks’ which focuses on sharing mentoring experiences and paying tribute to mentoring received or given.  Everyone is encouraged to show their appreciation for mentoring and to recognise mentors who have made a difference.

A summit event is being held in London where leading professional mentoring organisations, mentors, key influencers and thought leaders from across the UK will join together to celebrate National Mentoring Day, please see the National Mentoring Day website for more details.

So how can you get involved?  Individuals, companies, schools, communities, universities and governments are encouraged to share their own mentoring success stories or case studies and to use the day to participate in raising awareness about mentoring, available mentoring schemes and promoting the positive benefits that mentoring brings. 

Plan your own local ‘Mentoring Day’ event or activities in your town, company or school.  You can write articles, blogs and case studies or distribute information to create awareness about the positive effects of mentoring.

Are you a mentor?  Mentors are being asked to join in and celebrate National Mentoring Day. You can share your own success stories, mentoring tips and experiences. Connect with other mentors/mentees and work together to help make a difference.

Have you been mentored?  Please show your support and join us on Twitter @MentoringRocks or connect with your mentor to show your appreciation.

Are you looking for mentoring?  If you want to find a mentor, want to know more about mentoring, or just want to show your support for mentoring then please visit the National Mentoring Day website for more information.

Are you interested in supporting or sponsoring the event?  If so please get in touch via the National Mentoring Day website.

For more information about events and how you can get involved please visit the National Mentoring Day website or follow them on twitter @MentoringRocks

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