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Are you mad about marine life? Then get ready for National Marine Week 23 July – 7 August 2016

If you’re mad about nature and wildlife like I am, then National Marine Week which runs from 23 July to 7 August 2016 will get you grabbing your wellies and venturing into Britain’s great outdoors.

National Marine Week

National Marine Week

The UK’s marine areas are home to a number of amazing creatures like dolphins and basking sharks.

Organised by The Wildlife Trusts, this event celebrates these marvellous mammals and encourages us to go out and explore our local seashores.

If you’ve ever wanted to spot a puffin or spy on some bathing grey seals then there’s no better time to do it.   You can also learn more about sea plants and beaches.  There are a range of activities on offer, including remarkable rock pool rambles and marine treasure hunts for every member of the family.

I recently spent a wonderful day with my family when we took a trip to the island of Staffa to see the marine life and the puffins, of course! – they were absolutely wonderful and really entertaining to watch!  Not only that we also had the pleasure of seeing basking sharks off the coast of the Isle of Man – again it was a most wonderful experience to see these huge marine creatures swimming around.

You can find out about all the events and activities in your area that you can get involved in by visiting the National Marine Week website  If you’re more of a free spirit you can also use the website to find out about the best places to start your own adventure.

So go on, get your feet wet and celebrate the UK’s spectacular sea animals during this great national event!

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