Make sure you maintain your building during
National Maintenance Week
20-27 November 2015

National Maintenance Week

Photo © Andre Maritz | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I am awful at DIY.  So ... this National Maintenance Week I am going to make the effort to at least spend some time maintaining my home.

Thankfully some great tips are being offered up to us this November!  For example, on 27 November 2015 it's National Gutters Day - checking your gutter for blockages and leaks is a good idea, as replacing your them can be pricey!  Watching out for loose tiles and keeping an eye on the build up of earth growth on your walls should also help to maintain your house.

You can take this ten minute DIY test to see how your building is holding up!

I am preparing for the week by making sure my tool box is filled with everything I might need, the tools are rust free and my partner is ready to get his hands dirty.  Just joking about that last part ... I promise!  I will give it a go myself.

Organised by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), National Maintenance Week is not just aimed at older buildings but new buildings too.

If you cannot repair something try to ensure that replacements are made from the same material as the original.  It might sound like common sense but these tips can help your building stay strong and look good for years to come. 

And, why not try Mr Spabby's Maintenance Quiz to check you know your stuff about how to maintain your property and keep it in tip top condition. 

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