National Lorry Week
26-31 October 2015

National Lorry Week - Everything we eat, drink, wear and use has spent time on the back of a lorry.  Homes, places of work, hospitals, shops, restaurants and schools all rely on an efficient cost-effective, transport and logistics network. 

As part of its drive to raise awareness around the vital role this sector plays in delivering daily life to every part of the UK, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) is holding National Lorry Week.  The aim is to raise the profile of the UK’s haulage industry, both as an essential service provider and as an excellent, and often overlooked, career opportunity.

Hauliers can get involved by putting a ‘Love The Lorry' sticker on their trucks and RHA members will be opening up their yards to the public.

Check out the National Lorry Week webpage for details of when and where you can get involved. 

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